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coffee menu

Regular | 2.75

Coffee with cream and sugar

Americano | 2.75

A single shot of espresso added to a cup of hot water. Many like to drink this as they would a regular brewed coffee with milk and sugar. Purists say to keep milk to a minimum to get the most flavor from the espresso.

Espresso | 2.75

A strong, concentrated coffee made by forcing pressurized water through finely ground coffee beans. Served in a small cup called a demitasse, and meant to be taken quickly, like a shot.

Espresso Macchiato | 3.00

An espresso, but with a tad of milk.

Cortado | 3.00

A cortado is a beverage consisting of espresso mixed with a drizzle of warm milk to soften the taste and reduce the degree of bitterness of the coffee.

Coffee with milk | 3.00

This is a traditional French drink made with brewed coffee instead of espresso. Equal parts coffee and steamed milk, this is considered a weaker version of a latte and is often served with breakfast or desserts.

Capuccino | 3.00

Equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk. Usually served straight up without any flavoring, but the foam is often sprinkled with powdered chocolate or cinnamon.

Latte Macchiato | 3.50

Espresso with either steamed milk or foamed milk (depending on the coffeehouse), and flavoring. The most common combination is the caramel macchiato – espresso, vanilla, steamed milk, drizzled with caramel.

Double espresso | 3.30

Twice an espresso... i'm sure you guessed it :)

Double espresso Macchiato | 3.50

Add a cloud of milk to the double espresso and you get one of the most beautiful coffees.

Flat white | 3.50

espresso with microfoam (steamed milk with small, fine bubbles and a glossy or velvety consistency

Mochaccino | 4.00

Also called a café mocha, this drink is widely varied depending on the coffeehouse making it. Most commonly it is espresso, steamed milk, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

White Hot Chocolate | 4.00

Is it cold outside? Are you a white chocolate lover? This is your hot drink.

Milk Hot Chocolate | 4.00

Hot, dense, generous... a classic hot chocolate with the signature of DARQ.

Dark Hot Chocolate | 4.00

Dark hot chocolate at DARQ. Can this get any better?

Super dark Hot Chocolate | 4.50 might get even better, yes. If you LOVE dark chocolate, step up!

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