Terms and Conditions

Products and packaging are subject to change without prior notice; and in this event, we will offer a replacement that will be of equal or higher value. We will do our best to place your completed order in the hands of the post or other delivery service so as to insure satisfactory delivery.

DARQ Maastricht will deliver the orders to the nearest POST.NL office within the following 24hrs of the reception of the order in the website except holidays, Saturdays or Sundays, on those days DARQ will deliver the orders to POST.NL on the next working day.

We don't recommend shipping chocolate goods on days with higher temperatures than 20 degrees celcius.

Unless otherwise requested, the order will be dispatched via POST NL for earliest delivery. In the unlikely event that the delivery is delayed, due to no fault of our own, DARQ Maastricht cannot accept responsibility.

Currently not available for overseas. Delivery is only available within the Netherlands, Germany and other Benelux countries.

No returns or refunds will be accepted. Please contact us via info@darqmaastricht.com in case of losses or complains.

We accept most bank cards through iDeal and most major credit cards through PayPal.

To protect your privacy, we will never disclose any information we hold about you to a third party, unless required by law or with your agreement. We may wish to inform you of special offers from time to time, but if you would prefer not to receive such information, please contact us.
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